You Won’t Believe How Comfortable and Stylish the All-Day Chinos Are

For many men, pants are a fashion staple. Pants that can be styled for work and for play, however, can be hard to find.

During a day of walking around the bustling city, trying to get to your morning bus when running late, or working tirelessly at your desk for the big presentation, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable in your trousers.

But, thanks to All-Day Chinos, you can look and feel great all day long! However, the project needs more supporters to mass produce these one-of-a-kind pants! Here are some of the amazing things that make All-Day Chinos a project you need to invest in:


One of the most important parts of comfort in clothing is breathability. When you’re out and about walking around town, you don’t want to feel hot and uncomfortable. For many, long commutes to work and nights on the town are common.

Wearing pants that aren’t very breathable can cause you to become sweaty and uncomfortable. But All-Day Chinos are made of a smooth and breathable fabric that will keep you cool. The material is also a bit stretchy to make sure your pants don’t get uncomfortable throughout the day.


Working hard and playing hard can take a toll on your clothes. Lots of walking and moving while wearing pants can cause damage to the seams. However, All-Day Chinos feature reinforced seams including tacks and premium threading to ensure that your seams don’t rip, no matter what activity you’re doing in your All-Day Chinos.


People come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s why All-Day Chinos do too. The pants feature a curved waist that perfectly fits on the wearer’s midsection. Additionally, the pants come in 36 sizes with custom inseams for comfortable wear.


Other features of the All-Day Chinos include the brass zipper, a front mini pocket and two deep front pockets, two read button pockets, quick-dry fabric, added binding, and signature patterns.


After successfully completing their Kickstarter campaign, the company is now over on Indiegogo, another crowdsourcing website used to raise money for various projects. The founder, Miguel, is offering a 100-day trial of the pants during which purchasers can review the All-Day Chinos pants.

If they aren’t happy with the pants, customers can receive a refund or replacement. The Chinos come in five shades, including ink blue, faded black, solid black, light khaki, or riverside blue.

The All-Day Chinos are available starting at $85 on the site. You can purchase more than one paid and save money. Shipping is also free worldwide.

With a combined 20 years of experience in the apparel industry, Miguel and his team are ready to get these All-Day Chinos out to all who are interested in donning comfortable clothing throughout the day.

For more information, or to purchase a pair of All-Day Chinos, visit Be sure to get your pair while they’re on sale!