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Will She Notice My Elevator Shoes?

A lot of men want to wear elevator shoes without letting people know. The reason for this is that most short men are insecure about their height. Being insecure about a feature in one’s body is not necessarily a bad thing. This is because a lot of people are in the same boat too. Now, the insecurity of being short is on the high because of the society we live in.

In our societies, taller men often get more attention than their shorter mates. Taller men even get more favours too. Back to the reason, we are writing this article which is; ‘will she notice my elevator shoes?’ Yes, she can but you can make it difficult for her to spot.

How To Make It Hard For Her To Notice Your Elevator Shoes

First, you need to know that there is no big deal if she finds out you are shorter than you appear. The only thing you need is the confidence to carry yourself. However, let’s forget about her finding out for a moment and focus on how she won’t find out. To ensure that your date won’t notice you are wearing elevating shoes, you first need to buy one from a quality manufacturer. This is because the design of the elevator shoe will also determine if it is inconspicuous or not.

Furthermore, as we said before; confidence is important. You should walk with the shoes majestically and she might never notice. But, if you begin to walk awkwardly, she might be forced to look at your feet to figure what’s wrong. By doing this, your little secret is already out. Also, you need to be as charming as ever. Try to make her laugh or generally leave a very good effect on her. If she’s impressed, you might find out that your height won’t be of any issue to her.

Extra Tips To Help Conceal Your Height

Again, if you are not still confident about letting her know your real height after being together for a while, the following tips will be of help to you.

  • If you are home with your new girl, you need to sit first before taking off your shoes. The reason is; the change of height will be too obvious to her if she sees you taking off your shoes while standing.
  • After taking off your shoes, put your socks into the insides of the shoe to cover the lift in your shoe.
  • Always allow her to take off her heels or wedges first before you take off your elevated shoe. The reason for this is because if you take off your shoes first, you might look very short in front of her. This alone ruins everything you’ve been doing since to conceal your real height.


From this article, you can agree with us that concealing your elevator shoes from your date is not hard. However, you need the confidence to pull it off. Finally, if by chance she finds out; own it and try to impress her more because, at the end of the day, your personality is what matters.

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