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Why Claire Abbott ‘s Instagram Disappeared?

Instagram has become much more than just a social networking site. It is more of a marketplace where several businesses advertise their products and ask Instagrammers who have such influence to showcase the brand’s products or services on their pages. This brings them a lot of business and fame and in return, influencers get paid exorbitant amounts for doing something they enjoy. Several youngsters and teenagers think of this as a business opportunity to earn some extra cash. And not only do they succeed, but they also gain popularity albeit temporarily.

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Claire Abbott is one of these Instagram celebrities who started gaining the attention of people because of her fashion-forward pictures. Claire started sharing her pictures on the social media platform when she was merely fifteen years old. She had a trendy and chic style which is why several people loved following her and knowing about her day-to-day life. She shared pictures of everything and people enjoyed looking at pictures of her exceptional lifestyle. That is when she started getting recognition for her photos. Her follower count rose every single day until she hit several thousands of followers.

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With popularity comes a great deal of criticism and before she could sense it, Claire got flooded with tons of messages on her social media accounts. While she showed that she didn’t think much of it, it was actually taking a huge toll on her real life.

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She started to be more selective about her pictures and posted high-quality and top-notch pictures which showcased her lifestyle and sense of fashion. She received a plethora of opportunities from brands which led to her getting paid in large amounts. She received tremendously amusing responses ranging from compliments to nasty remarks. Cut to a few years later, Claire started dating the social media sensation; Dan Bilzerian. Since both of them were enormously popular, they were greeted with congratulatory messages from all over the world. Several followers were gushing about how adorable they looked together. They gained enormous recognition by their followers who were extremely excited to see two sought-after celebrities dating each other. Alas, they separated after a short amount of time.

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But this didn’t have any effect on her popularity, which seemed to grow regardless. Her pictures were published alongside well-written articles about her lifestyle in prominent magazines. Claire started sharing her fashion advice on how to pieces of clothing can be styled together effortlessly. Her recommendations became well-known among teenagers who wanted to be just like her.

claire abbott instagram disappear

However, this, too, ended pretty soon when Claire decided that she wanted to pursue a career in singing. She then unveiled a shocking fact that she was suffering from anxiety and depression for the past few years apart from being borderline bipolar. This was extremely appalling for her fans who thought of how she only portrayed her happy-go-lucky nature. She released her debut song which was a hit among her followers. That’s when she decided to quit it all and start afresh. She started the trend for several upcoming influencers. Although she has almost vanished from social media, she’s leading a happy life as a singer.

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