What Is Kate Middleton’s Opinion of Meghan Markle?

Before she married Prince William, Kate Middleton was born to a family of coal miners and builders. She didn’t become Catherine, her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, until Queen Elizabeth II conferred the title upon her a few minutes before she married the prince on April 29, 2011.

Middleton was not royalty. Because of her experience in integrating herself into the royal family, many wonder what Middleton thinks of Meghan Markle, who also has integrated herself into the royal family.


Kate has always been in sharp attention in the media. However, she has been viewed as a favorite Duchess, known as a loving mom. Many people speculated that the new arrival of Meghan Markle caused Kate to be neglected by fans of the royal family, but no one has substantiated the rumor.

Meghan Markle came from the United States with a background in Hollywood. The actress has been in movies like “Remember Me (2010),” “Horrible Bosses (2011),” and appeared on the TV series “Suits” from 2011 to 2018.

Markle was born in Los Angeles. Her father was one of the cinematographers on the 1980s hit TV show “Married with Children.” She appeared on an episode of “General Hospital” in 2002 and also found herself with roles in episodes of “CSI,” “Castle,” and “Without A Trace.”

Because of this, Markle had a considerable number of fans before her marriage to Prince Harry and before she was bestowed the title of Duchess of Sussex. She is also from America, which has caused more of a media frenzy than Kate did.


In true royal family fashion, Kate has kept hush on her opinions of Markle in the press. The two don’t have any reason to compete. After all, both of them have separate royal duties that consume their time. From the looks of things in the media, the two are actually pretty bonded, especially since Markle welcomed her first child recently.

It is much more important for the royal family to be involved in causes that better the lives of those around them. It isn’t about followers, press, or anything like that. Kate doesn’t have a reason to be jealous of Meghan. They both are working hard to secure better lives for the people of England.


More media attention was initially put on to Markle because of her roots in America and her very public past. The royal family isn’t as open about their past as the United States is with its television stars. Also, because Markle’s family isn’t from England and they don’t know the importance of the royal family, there have been tons of articles quoting her family members. This is new for the royal family.

While it may have been and continue to be a tough adjustment for the royal family as a whole, there is no evidence that Kate Middleton has an issue with Meghan Markle.