The Weirdest Websites On The Internet To Cure Your Boredom

The Internet is a weirdly wonderful place. It provides us with limitless opportunities. From funny cat videos to detailed recipes to DIY solar panels, you can find it all on the web.

While social media sites leverage user engagements to push popular posts, jokes, music clips, or some weird stuff directly to your screen, it doesn’t quite work like that for websites. You need to dig deep into almost 2 billion websites (Internet Live Stats) to find the weirdest websites on the web.

I’ve done some math. If you check 1,000 sites a day, it’d take you about 5,500 years. Assuming the number of websites stays the same. To save you some time, I found some really weird websites to make your life a bit easier.

Heeey Hoooo

weirdest websites on the internet

Well, I just wanted to say hello to you all with this first weird website.

Is My Computer On

Now we need to make sure that your computer is on. Please, check. If all is good, let’s move on to…

Cat Bounce

weirdest websites

Love bouncing cats around? Or want to make them rain? Go for it!

Eel Slap

If you feel frustrated and want to slap someone, but don’t want to use your bare hand.


Something here is not quite right. Is this a cry for help?


This one is great when you are on a ‘trip’. Be careful. There are chances you get stuck here forever.


weird site with a button

Want to scream out loud but can’t? Click the button.

Fresh Air

pointless site

You feel stuffy and need some fresh air but can’t open your windows. Here is your solution. Get some fresh air. And don’t try to make sense of it.

Windows 93

Experience Windows 93, which never existed. However, it does resemble earlier versions of Microsoft Windows.

Pointer Pointer

Point and hold for pointless magic.

Earth-Moon Fire Pole

What if you could slide down a pole from the Moon to the Earth? We need to approach this question scientifically. Of course.

Salmon Of Capistrano

Salmon Of Capistrano

Please, meet Salmon of Capistrano. They are everywhere. If you are afraid of salmons, I warned you.


flight tracking site

Just because you have a lot of time and want to monitor flights around the world.

Snap Bubbles

pointless site

Remember those bubble wraps? Pop them.

New Years Exercise

weird site for exercising

Exercising more is one of your New Year’s resolutions? Start with this website to get some momentum going.

The Scale of the Universe 2

scale of the universe 2

What’s bigger, Eiffel Tower or Titanic?


puppy leaking

Need some puppy love? Get some.

Bury Me With My Money

strangest website

Looking at this, I have only one thing on my mind: WTF?! It certainly competes for a place amount the world’s most useless websites.

Quick Draw

quick draw

This is actually pretty cool. You have 20 sec. to draw something and the AI tries to guess.


Another weird stuff on the internet to stare at. No particular purpose.

Move Now Think Later

A checker game that you can’t participate in. Why does this site exist? You tell me.


Bees occupy.

Koalas To The Max

While some may find this satisfying, others would want to punch their screen.

Click To Remove

weird website

Do as you are told.

I look like Barack Obama

I look like Barack Obama

I’m not sure if this guy is serious or trolling.


Try to not get hypnotized.

Zombo Com

Everything is possible at ‘Zombo com’. Turn your sound on.

Republique Des Mangues

Republic of mangos

Do you love mangos? Here is your opportunity to watch it. Because why not.


strangest websites - omfg dogs running

Dog lovers, are you sure you can handle this one? Show this to your dog to see what they think.

News Of Future

new of future

Tired of the mainstream media and want to get your news from the future? Browse around.

Partridge Gets Lucky

UK people would appreciate this. Alan Partridge, a parody character, is playing the bass to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. It’ simple and can certainly brighten up your day.

I have no clue what he is saying.


strange website with hypnotoad

Getting hypnotized by a toad – something you can only experience on the Internet.

Binary Clock

binary clock

For all the geeks who can speak binary, this one is for you.

Corndog On Corndog

Corndog on corndog

Just two corndogs waiting. Proceed with caution. Can make you hungry.

Paper Toilet

virtual toilet paper roll

Do you have a strange obsession with rolling toilet paper? On this weird website you can roll it indefinitely with no fear of making a mess. You can roll it both in and out. Give it a try.

Wilhelm Scream

Wilhelm Scream audio

You may not know this. But Wilhelm Scream is a famous stock sound of a man screaming. It’s been used in hundreds of movies and TV series.

Will Robots Take My Job?

Will robots take my job?

The AI revolution is coming for all of us. Let’s find out if we need to worry about our jobs.

Tomatoes Are Evil

The person who created this weird website must really hate tomatoes.

Gravity Points

Gravity points

Need to kill some time? Play around with this gravity points tool. Looks kind of cool.

He-Man Sings

he-man singing

He-Man singing “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. It’s perfect. Turn up your volume.

Fidget Spinner

Remember those fidget spinners? Try it out online.

Staggering Beauty

strange website with a worm

Shaking this worm is strangely satisfying. Try to shake it really hard for some psychedelic mood.

Table Flipper

Send this to someone to show them everything about your mood right now. If you keep clicking on it, it’ll show you more versions of table flipping.

I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples

Help this lady with the apples.

Clever Bot

chat with bot

Want to feel what’s like to talk to a bot? Have a glimpse at the future. Could also be used as a therapy. Or if you need to rant.

Corgi Orgy

Corgi fans, enjoy.


cat meme

One of those ugly cat memes with music. Very strange.


Another useless website with 2000s theme. If you need to waste some more time, go ahead.

OMG Laser Guns Pew Pew Pew

space force

Space Force. Laser Guns. What more can one ask for? Let’s ‘pew pew pew’.

Weird Vintage

You’ll find really weird vintage images on this site.

The World’s Worst Website Ever

The name speaks for itself. Everything you hate about website designs. It got it all.

Jello Time

A strange site where you can shake that jelly and listen to the sounds it makes. Why? Because you’ve been wanting this for your entire life. And now, your life is complete.

The End

I hoped you enjoyed this short journey into some of the weirdest websites on the Internet. I’m pretty sure there are many more. I’ll definitely come back and update this list later on with more weirdness.