The 21 Best Paid Sites for Freelancers to Start Their Work-From-Home Journey

Working from home has become a great option for parents and those who just appreciate the flexibility of the job.

However, it might be a little difficult to try to find paid freelance jobs when you’re just beginning. In this post, we will discuss 21 sites you can visit for paid freelance jobs.

But first, why freelance?

Freelance is a great option for a number of reasons. To begin, a lot of smaller companies don’t have the budget to keep a person staffed in some positions for a prolonged amount of time. Instead of paying someone’s salary, they choose to give the work to a freelancer who can work for them for a time.

Next, freelance gives companies the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people out there.

And, lastly, freelance is the perfect option for those who must stay at home during the day, or for those looking to make a little bit of cash on the side of their traditional workday job.


Obviously, this site is better suited for those who are looking to make some extra cash writing or editing content for blogs and companies. This site is a large source for freelancers of all skill levels.


Are you a marketing professional, market researcher, or consultant for finances? You need to hop over to Total to help those looking for financial and business advice.

3: FIVERR is a website for content creators and freelancers of all types. From advice to professional illustrations to product jingles, you can certainly find a job for you on the site. The site is perfect for people of all skill levels, with buyers having to spend a minimum of $5 on all jobs.


Artists and designers alike can flourish on Behance, where you can pick up jobs based off of your qualification, experience, and skill.


If you want a more exclusive “in” to freelance gigs, you can pay about $7 a month for a membership on IFreelance, where you can big on active projects of various types.


This website brings businesses and freelancers in one place. There is a pre-screening process and is usually for developers and designers.


This website allows you to connect with freelance jobs that are one-time, part-time, or remote. There are more than 50 job categories you can choose from. Access to the site’s full services begin at $14.95 a month. But, it is good to know that the jobs are always thoroughly examined and they are all legitimate.


Are you an expert in a field that many people struggle in? If so, is the perfect place to make a little cash on the side. Get paid to help people understand what you already know!


Start on this site by creating a portfolio of your work for future clients to check out in pretty much any freelance field imaginable. Apply for jobs and start earning!


If you’re a writer or an expert in all things media related, Media Bistro is a great place for you. There are a ton of telecommute jobs for writers, but you can also find marketing and editing jobs on the site.


More than a million freelancers trust this site to connect them to jobs around the world in areas like web design, web development and writing. Talent is available all around the world.


Companies are always looking for logos, posters, and more. On Design Crowd, you can offer these stories and submit your designs to contests to make some money on the side!

13: 99 DESIGNS

Websites are and will be the future, so it is no surprise that 99 Designs is focused on web design. Head over to the site to start designing materials like banners, images, and logos for companies everywhere.


Hubstaff Talent is a free resource companies use to connect with freelancers around the world in different freelance fields like writing, marketing, and development.


Sometimes work piles up and overflows. For people who freelance on StackOverflow, they are helping companies reduce that pile of work. Tech freelancers are most used on this site. Developer stories can be used to share your experience and knowledge with your future clients.


Hourly projects, short-term projects, and long-term projects. All can be found on UpWork, one of the most popular freelance sites on the web. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your freelance career, or if you’re an expert. There is a 20 percent charge for every gig you get, but you keep the rest.

17: GURU       

Gurus are typically defined as an influential teacher or popular expert. On Guru, freelancers flock to find jobs in categories such as low-paying and entry-level jobs. You can get started here to build up your portfolio before you take higher-paying jobs.


Take a test and some training and start earning cash for jobs like moderation and transcription, copywriting, and more when you work on CrowdSource.


If you’re an expert writer or a long-time blogger needing some extra cash, you will flourish on Pro Blogger Jobs. Help companies and individual blog owners write posts and get paid while doing it!


Find jobs in translation, web development, IT, and more on Project4Hire. On this site, you can find projects for people of all experience levels.


Take a crack at one of more than the 12.6 million freelance job requests on Freelancer. Submit your applications for various freelance jobs and start working to earn money today!


As you can see, there are a ton of opportunities for beginners in the freelancing world to make money right from the comfort of their own home. Visit these sites, sign up, and get started on your freelance journey today!