Organizing Anti-Valentine’s Day Party To Wipe Your Ex Out From Memory

When you’re in love, 14th of February can be a magical day for you. But when you’re not, Valentine’s Day can be a truly annoying affair. Don’t let this year Valentine’s bring you the blues. Cupid is not welcome can shoot his arrows elsewhere. This year you’re celebrating Anti-Valentine’s Days.

How to celebrate it? Surely not by spending the entire day in bed dreaming of your prince charming. And definitely not by reminiscing about the good times you had with your ex.

You’ll get by with a little help from your friends. So call them up and organize a anti-Valentine’s Day party. If you need any ideas on what the party should be like, stay tuned. We’re going give you some tips on how to organize an Anti-Valentine’s Day.

Choosing the Right Crowd

It’s Valentine’s Day and your emotions are shaken up. Spending time with someone who annoys you can make you explode. Don’t let it happen. The solution is pretty simple – don’t invite annoying people to your party.

No Couples Allowed

Let’s be clear, in-love couples probably have other plans than spending Valentine’s Day at your place. You don’t want them at your party. Plus, watching couples being all cute and cuddly can turn you into Al Capone. To avoid Valentine’s Day Massacre part 2, it is better not to invite couples at all.

Party Decorations

This year you’re single and you hate Valentine’s Day. It might not always be that case, but this time you have to go all-in to show everyone how much you hate it. Decorating your place with Anti-Valentine’s Day banners and decors. Don’t hold back.


No cheesy romantic songs allowed. Instead, your party playlist needs to feature songs that celebrate single life. Obviously, Beyoncé’s hit is the first that comes to mind.


Food is everything. Or, at least, almost everything. So, make your favorite dishes and snacks for the party. Make sure there’s plenty of sweets there. Who cares about the diet. You can forget about it one day a year and let it be this one.


Anti-Valentine’s Day event can’t go without drinks. Your party can’t be dry. Get some booze. And we’re talking all sorts of booze. Your favorites might be sweet drinks like sangria, but believe us, you will need something stronger to get through 14th February.


After a night of drinking and partying with your friends, you’re guaranteed to have a horrible hangover in the morning. We say get ready for it. Have some Alka-Seltzer by the bed, as well as some coffee to wake you up in the morning. And you will need a strong one, especially if you have to work that day.