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Is Shiloh Jolie Pitt A Transgender?

With the latest feud between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s regarding their divorce and battle for custody people start pay more and more attention to their kids.

Shiloh, the oldest biological child of Jolie and Pitt, has become increasingly irritated by her mother the last summer. According to multiple sources, she wanted to speak out after Angelina’s attempt to discredit her dad to win the custody battle.

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Divorce is always hard on kids. Especially when parents are public figures. On top of that, there are rumors that Shiloh started hormonal treatment and may undergo sex-change surgery in the future. However, these are just rumors with not much details to back them up.

The transgender rumors may have started after Angelina’s comments. She has said in the past that her daughter “likes to dress like a boy” and “wants to be a boy”. Shiloh does wear boy’s clothes all the time and has short hair. But it’s unfair to jump into conclusion based on her fashion choices.

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The family is going through a very tough period now. And it’d be understandable to delay any gender identity discussion until Shiloh is older. We should give her privacy and time to explore herself at her own pace.

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