How Much Do YouTubers Make Per View?

YouTube is one of the most common video sharing platforms on the internet. It is simple to use and has a universal reach. Thanks to its popularity, we can monetize it. Are you wondering — how much do YouTubers make per view and how do they do it? Read on.


Firstly, people who upload videos frequently generally run their own YouTube channel to which viewers can subscribe. Also, YouTubers run ads in their videos for increasing their returns. However, it is not easy to answer the question — how much do YouTubers make per view — as remuneration is based on calculations involving ad views and clicks. Since ad clicks are not easily available, we cannot arrive at an answer in one step.

how much youtubers make per view

Factors influencing income from ad views and clicks

There are many aspects that come into the picture when a YouTuber decides to play an ad in their video. Here are a few reasons why advertisements cannot be the sole contributor to come up with how much YouTubers make per view.

Ad view vs. Ad click

If a person is viewing an ad at the beginning of the video, it does not mean that they will click on the ad. The number of clicks on the ad matters more than views.

Skipping ads

YouTube gives the viewer a convenient option of skipping ads after a certain minimum duration. While it makes the whole video viewing experience more enjoyable, YouTube does not consider these ‘skipped’ ads in its count. So if we skip an ad, it is as good as not even viewing it. Consequently, a YouTuber will not make as much money if their viewers are skipping ads.

Ad content

One of the biggest factors that make users watch an entire ad and click on it is the quality of the ad. If it is creatively made, short or features attractive offers, people get influenced. Also, if the ad speaks about ongoing issues and people can relate to the timeline, they are more likely to click on it. In contrast, if the topic of the ad is difficult, advertisers have to spend more to get their ad in a video.

Market competition

Companies and brands make bids to place their ads in popular videos, or videos targeting a certain demographic group. In case of stiff competition, they bid for higher prices and YouTubers make more money.


Advertisers look at keywords on a Youtuber’s video to check if their ad will reach the right audience. Keywords play a major role in attracting viewers to specific content.

Ad blockers

If a viewer has an ad-blocker software installed, the ad won’t play. So, advertisers will avoid demographics which are more likely to use ad-blockers.

YouTube’s policies

YouTube has policies which prevent revenue generation from videos belonging to certain categories, which keeps advertisers away.

The bottom line

How much YouTubers make per view depends on a variety of factors; it is not a simple calculation. You may find some estimates floating around the internet. But keep in mind that those numbers are a rough guest. Only Youtubers themselves know exact earnings for their accounts.