Grass Fed Ghee: 5 Reasons to Use This Dairy Everyday

Grass fed cow ghee is now in trending news and, initially, I must confess that I thought it a marketing gimmick. But when recently I had gone through an authentic dairy news portal and there I came to know about the versatile quality of cow ghee, I was awestruck literally. Although ghee is full of saturated fats and it is a high calorie dairy staple, consumption of ghee is highly recommended nowadays.

I was startled. Almost same time I came across the book of celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar. When I read the book, I was stunned. It was more a resource book where the dietician had suggested to eat local healthy food items along with quality dairy products like grass fed ghee for sating healthy.

I searched internet and surprisingly I found around vital health benefits of ghee which we can really count on and these benefits can be the honest impetus to include ghee in our everyday life.

Grass fed cow ghee is allergy proof

Grass fed cow ghee is a lactose and casein free dairy product. These two ingredients often cause food allergy for lactose intolerant people. As grass fed ghee is free of these two milk ingredients, hardly they cause any food allergy to people having milk allergy.

I found it’s true: I can’t take milk but I am fine with ghee cooked foods.

It is safe to cook with ghee

I love baking and my kids often prefer to have munchies in their snacks. I found grass fed ghee is one of the safest cooking oils that is storage friendly and excellently heat stable. I can use ghee for baking my muffins and cakes with ghee safely, which was not possible with butter due to its lower smoking point.

I am satisfied with ghee in baking and sautéing than I was with cooking oils like plant oils, like sunflower oil and safflower oil, etc.  It’s an improvisation of my kitchen indeed!

Grass fed ghee contains butyrate

Constipation and irregular bowel movement is one of the recurring problems of my family members especially of the seniors. I read that cooking with ghee, having raw ghee with morning tea and coffee, as well as grass fed with lukewarm water at night are the natural ways to supply butyrate in digestive system.

Natural butyrate in diet is a medical remedy for reducing the spell of constipation. Ghee in diet helps in natural colon management. I have added ghee in my cooking and my colon is in balanced state than before.

Ghee aids weight loss

Cow Ghee is rich in calorie and contains loads of saturated fats. As a result, if ghee is taken in moderation it can work as a weight loss agent. It worked fine.

I have started taking one teaspoon grass fed ghee with my morning coffee. The splurge of calorie supplies me energy, and the fat content of the dairy along with the caffeine works as filler food and energy stimulator for me.  I have started reducing my body weight with my exercise and ghee remedy.

Grass Fed ghee is rich in CLA

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid content of grass fed ghee is a boon for its consumers.  It helps in manifold ways to stay healthy like having natural weight loss, improving heart health, promoting lean mass of body etc.

Grass fed ghee contains CLA, and that is why if the dairy staple in diet gets combined with active lifestyle, rest, balanced diet, it can significantly help in staying slim and healthy with good heart health.


These are the reasons cow ghee has earned huge popularity in kitchen.  However, I have done the research and found all these benefits are positively found in Grass fed cow ghee, so it is wise to buy only grass fed cow for the kitchen. I am happy with Milkio Grass fed cow ghee. You can try it too!