Cologne & Body Fragrance Tips for an African American Black Man

Choosing a cologne or body fragrance is never the easiest of choices for a lot of men. While there are men that can get this done like champs, there are certain men that do not even have an idea of the first step to take when selecting one of these cologne brands.

So, if you fall into the category of men that only look out for the price of a cologne when buying one and have no way to tell a great fragrance from a bad one, you are on the right page. Read on to discover cologne and body fragrance tips for black men.

The Various Fragrance Types

Although not a lot of people are aware of this, there are different types of fragrance. When in a superstore, you will come across EDT, Cologne, and Parfum. To get the best value for your money, it is important that you understand the difference between various fragrances.

Basically, the various types of fragrances differ based on their level of concentration.

Eau de Cologne (EdC) usually has a concentration level of between 3% to 8%. More often than not, the mid-point is 5%

Eau de Parfum (EdP) This usually has a concentration level of 10% to 20%. It has 15% as its mid-point.

Eau de Toilett (EdT) This has a concentration level off 5% to 15%

How to Understand and Describe a Fragrance

Not everyone knows how to describe a fragrance. Doing this is something that requires a level of skill. All things being equal, every fragrance has three notes. These notes are Top, Middle, and Base. These three notes dominate the noticeable smell of a fragrance at different times. When first worn, the smell of a fragrance that is obvious is the Top Note, after lasting a couple of hours, the Top Note gives way to the Middle Note. The Middle Note gives way to the Base Note which is the smell that is associated with a fragrance after a very long while.

How Fragrances are applied

When applying perfume, it is important to understand that you cannot make it last any longer than it should by wearing more volume. When you do not apply a huge volume of a fragrance to your clothes, you can get the best out of it and get it to last long.

When applying a fragrance, to get the best of this fragrance, you should apply it on pulse points. While there are various pulse points on the body, the most famous pulse points to apply your fragrance to are your neck, the back of your ears, your armpit, and your wrist. You should not apply your fragrance to all the pulse points at the same time as this might make your fragrance offensive to those around you. The aim is to smell great, not irritate people.

You cannot get the best smell of a fragrance immediately after spraying it. It takes a while for the scent of a fragrance to become obvious. As far as you apply a fragrance on pulse points, it is only a matter of time before your aura carries that smell.