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Can You Wear Black To A Wedding?

Wearing black to a wedding used to be highly frowned upon, but style rules are changing. While many people agree that wearing black to a wedding can be acceptable, there are a few things to consider before you throw on your little black dress.

In this post, you will learn why wearing black to a wedding was a fashion no-no, how you can fashionably wear black to wedding, and how to know if it is OK to wear black to a specific wedding.


Black has been, and continues to be, a color that is usually associated with mourning. A wedding, on the contrary, is a celebration of two people becoming one! So, it was said that people who wore black to weddings has a negative outlook about the couple’s future.

But now, this rule has seemingly gone out the window. While dressing in black to a wedding isn’t as frowned upon anymore, there are definitely ways you can make it fashionable.


The first way you can wear black at a wedding is by limiting the amount of black in the outfit. Maybe your dress is all black with bunches of colorful flowers on it. Or, maybe your dress is black with red polka dots. This is a great way to wear black!

Another way to wear black is to add pops of color with your accessories and shoes. Pair your black dress with a colorful shawl, bag, belt, shoes, and jewelry. More people will be looking at your accessories than your dress!


Firstly, if the wedding you’re attending is branded as a black-tie affair, black is completely acceptable.

Next, if the wedding is in the spring or summer, you should probably avoid black and opt for a more colorful outfit instead.

Lastly, if you’re not sure about wearing black, as the bridesmaids or the bride what they think. Most brides today are just happy as long as their guests don’t show up in white. They can give you the best opinion on what they want on their big day!


So, to put it plainly, you can certainly wear black to most weddings. Make sure you put in fashionable effort to make sure that this fashion choice doesn’t make the wrong statement!

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