AeroMexico Offers ‘DNA Discount’ To American Tourists

The biggest Mexican airline, AeroNexico, decided to take a proactive approach in attracting more American tourists. It has done so with a creative ad and unique discount program called “DNA Discount”.

The commercial features interviews with Americans living near the southern border. Interviewees don’t hide their dislike of traveling to Mexico. Even though some of them said that they like Mexican food and Tequila, they have no interest in visiting the country.

Then, representatives from AeroMexico offer these local residents free DNA tests to see if they have any Mexican blood in them. Depending on the percentage of Mexican ancestry, they could get a discount to visit Mexico. For example, a person with 10% Mexican heritage would get 10% off.

To their surprise, most of interviewees in the video have some Mexican blood in the them. One man in the ad, who didn’t want to visit Mexico, received a 22 percent discount and immediately asked if he could bring his wife.

dna discount aeromexico
Credit: AeroMexico

Although the advertisement doesn’t directly mention any political issue, it’s obvious that its underlying motive is political.

AeroMexico is not new to producing this type of commercials. Back in 2016, the company ran a black-and-white ad featuring children pressed up against walls and fences. The ad was released after Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall.

Like it or not, you have to admit that there are some very creative marketing masterminds working at AeroMexico.