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5 Style Of Designer Wedding Dress Can Not Miss Out

Legends Romona Keveza Classicism

Legends Romona Keveza is a wedding dress brand founded by designer Romona Keveza in 2006, with a stylish and elegant style. Legends Romona Keveza 2018 spring and summer series wedding dresses are made of pure white silk, taffeta, crepe, and other materials, focusing on line cutting and highlighting the waistline. The wedding dress is also applied to gardenia lace and Chantilly lace as decoration, with sexy design in nighties. Among them, the application of details such as irregular lace stand-up collar, western-style retro collar, twisting and other details highlight the classic style of the wedding dress, while the background painting decoration has a somewhat Chinese classicism style.

Romona young and simple

Romona is a new capsule series launched by Romona Keveza. It is based on the essence of young and fresh design, with a simple and clean style. The Romona 2018 spring and summer wedding dress series includes six styles. The dress covers V-neck, chest wrap and other design forms, ranging from elegant long swing styles to simple short princess skirts. There is no diamond, embroidery and other decorations on the wedding shoes, the cut is neat and the lines are smooth. The black Chocker and belt as the highlight of the dress match, highlighting the simple atmosphere. The Brand also has inspirations on glitter shoes too.

Houghton Avant-garde fashion

The design of the Houghton 2018 spring and summer wedding dress series is relatively fashionable and avant-garde. Designer Katharyn Polk has created a dress style that is more suitable for the body to replace the traditional big swing wedding dress. The split design on the lower side, the decorative design of diamonds, feathers, pearls and other details and the application of printing, embroidery and other techniques. The use of crepe, satin and other materials gives the dress a more elegant and comfortable wearing experience. The shirts, straight shoulders, suspenders, tube tops, and other styles are matched with fit tailoring, giving the dress a full sense of fashion.

Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano’s spring/summer 2018 wedding collections are mostly presented as princess-style wedding dresses. The upper body of the wedding dress is designed with a tight and tight fit, and below the waistline is a traditional wedding dress. The wedding dress is made of a large amount of tulle material at the skirt. The chest and the skirt are still decorated with broken diamonds and three-dimensional decals. The details are exquisite. For example, a large wedding dress is stacked like a cloud with stacked tulle. The general visual effect, the color is from white to cream gradient from top to bottom, it has a sense of design. The brand also offers mother of bride dress for the summer collection.

Elie Saab elegant and elegant

Elie Saab has always dominated the noble and elegant style in the design of the 2018 spring and summer wedding dress series, the decoration is less than before, the style is also dominated by the elegant soft wind, and there are fewer multi-level swings designs. As can be seen from the new catalog released, the wedding dress is mainly made of tulle material, supplemented by satin, and embroidered and lace as details. At the same time, more attention is paid to the line design and elegant feeling of the wedding dress, especially the transparent veil The collocation injects a beautiful atmosphere into the entire series.

The spring/summer 2018 wedding dresses present a variety of style trends, such as classic, young, simple, stylish, avant-garde, elegant, and beautiful. With the increase in personalized demand, wedding dresses will show a diversified design trend, and consumer participation in personal design is one of the trends that may be realized in the near future.

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