5 Common Pansexual Myths You Should Stop Believing

Pansexuality can be a difficult thing to understand. There are so many stigmas around the sexual preference that many people are either ill-informed or don’t know that they actually should identify as pansexual.

In an effort to educate and inform, this article will discuss five common misconceptions about pansexuality.

It’s Not Just About Personality

When someone hears the word “pansexual,” they automatically think that the love that a pansexual individual has for someone is disconnected from the looks of that person. In other words, many people believe pansexual people only like someone for their personality.

This more closely identifies with being demisexual. Demisexual individuals are attracted to others in a physical way only after getting to know their personality.

Bisexuality And Pansexuality Are Not Synonymous

Because the LGBTQ+ community recognizes that there are more than two separate genders, it is important to give you the actual meaning of the word pansexual. Pan is a root of the word pansexual, and it is Greek for “all.” Therefore, pansexual individuals are attracted to all people.

Bisexuality, as provided in the name, means that someone is attracted to either male or female. This is much different than pansexuality. While all pansexual people are, in a way, bisexual and then some, not all bisexual people are pansexual.

Promiscuity Isn’t A Given

Because pansexual people are attracted to pretty much anyone, a lot of people assume they are promiscuous. However, just because some pansexual individuals are more active sexually than others, that doesn’t mean that all pansexual people will have relations with just anyone. Being pansexual doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have a deep relationship with someone. Just because the word “sexual” is present in the name doesn’t mean that pansexual individuals are promiscuous.

It’s More Than Just A Trend

Many assume that pansexual people will “get over” their attraction to all people. However, things don’t just go away because you don’t understand them. Implying that someone’s level of attraction to any person is wrong is denying that people have a choice in who they love and choose to spend their lives with.

Pansexual People Aren’t Necessarily Attracted To Non-humans

And finally, one of the biggest myths out there is that all pansexual people are attracted to non-humans. While, of course, some people who are attracted to other beings like animals or objects (known as zoophilia and object sexuality respectively) do exist, they aren’t synonymous with pansexuality. They have different names.

Pansexuality is usually used as a term that describes someone who is attractive only to other humans, not to objects or animals. It is likely that the idea of this came from Pantheism, a religion that recognizes that everything on Earth is a god, even the wind, music, animals, rocks, and mountains.

Final Words

There are many more misconceptions about pansexuality but understanding and busting these five myths is a good way to start dismantling the incorrect perceptions and information commonly miscommunicated about pansexual individuals.