4 Reasons Why a Dine-In Experience at the Hopewell Theatre Is All You Need for a Great Valentine’s Day!

With viral videos showcasing epic declarations of love, and social media enthusiasts sharing one great story after another, the pressure to give your Valentine a great date is at an all-time high. Instead of relying on tried-and-tested restaurants and clichés, why not offer your date an evening that is truly magical? Bring her to the iconic Hopewell Theatre in New Jersey for a night that she’ll never forget! Here are 4 reasons why a dine-in experience at the Hopewell Theatre is all you need for a great Valentine’s Day!

An array of great shows to choose from!

Hopewell Theatre supports an array of art forms, which is why we are able to offer a variety of shows such as movie screenings, live music performances, inspiring talks and even stand-up comedy. All you need to do is browse through our calendar to know what shows are playing around Valentine’s Day (and on the day itself) to be able to take your pick of the same. Experiencing a show together is one of the best ways to create life-long memories, and you’ll surely end up giving your date an evening he/she will always look back on and smile.

Scrumptious meals right at your seat!

When people think of dinner and a movie, the evening generally involves going to a restaurant for dinner, and then to a movie theatre to watch the latest flick. Many people these days prefer streaming content online as it allows them to munch on their favourite snacks while watching something they enjoy. Hopewell Theatre brings you the best of both worlds with a dine-in option. Our extensive menu selection can ensure that no matter how picky your date may be, he/she will leave the theatre filling full and satisfied. In fact, our concession stand includes a range of vegan and non-vegan options, along with locally sourced, organically produced meals. We also offer gluten free options to ensure that all members of our audience are taken care of.

Supper Club Nights for a more formal date!

Now, if you think that the idea of eating while watching a show doesn’t really translate into the kind of date night magic you want to create, then don’t worry because the Hopewell Theatre also offers special Supper Club Nights on big occasions, such as Valentine’s Day. During these nights, you get to enjoy a full meal before the show of your choice, and what makes this truly special is the fact that the meal is offered by a local chef or caterer, ensuring that everything you try will be delicious.

Make it super special by hosting a private event!

Many people believe Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to propose marriage to a long-time partner. If you think so too, then why not host a private event at the theatre by making the entire stage yours? You can play a reel of photographs and of you and your partner while you pop the big question, in front of an audience of your friends and family!

An evening at the Hopewell Theatre is all you need to create a magical night that he/she will remember forever. To know more about our dine-in options, click here.