4 Awesome Ways To Make Extra Money On The Side

Many people don’t make enough money to take care of their personal and family needs.

In fact, even those that have full time jobs. Despite having a full time job and working their hearts out they still need more money to take care of unplanned expenses and projects.

If you are one of such people, you are definitely not alone. There are many others like you out there but don’t worry – all hope is certainly not lost.

You can still try to make ends meet by looking for side jobs or hustles to bring in extra cash. And luckily, there are many types of side jobs or part time jobs that can be explored for money.

If you want to make money on the side even when you have a full time job or not, then the details shared in this post should excite you.

Some of the ideas shared here really work and just might work for you, if you give them a try. What’s important is to give them your best and you just might succeed.

1 – Take and sell photographs

You can have fun and at the same time make money on the side by taking photographs of people, events, and locations.

During weddings, conferences, birthday parties, and other social gatherings you can use your camera to capture the memorable moments for people.

You can develop copies of the pictures and charge people for it.

Similarly, you can take snapshots of tourist attractions, people, events, and amazing abstracts and sell the images to bloggers and other commercial users.

Sites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto and other stock photography websites can be explored to submit and sell your photos.

If you are a female you can even make money taking and selling photos of your feet online. Below are some articles that explain how this works:

How to Sell Feet Pictures and Really Make Money
Selling Feet Pictures on Social Media
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The most detailed article I found on this topic is by this feet article though. It seems to cover every question one might have about the subject.

2 – Become a blogger

You can set up a blog and start making good money from it, if you put in some time and effort to grow your blog.

There are many options to making money with your blog, once you start getting good enough traffic. For instance, you can:

  • Sell items on the blog,
  • Write and edit blogs for money,
  • Review articles on your blog and get paid for it, or
  • Do reseller business on your blog, etc.

Of course it takes time to make a blog really successful but if you put your heart into it, you can start making money pretty quickly if you start getting good enough traffic.

You can make money from affiliate offers from your blog or even promote other peoples’ products as sponsored posts and get paid right away.

3 – Write and sell books online

If you have the knack for creatively putting words together, then you can make money on the side through writing.

You can write novels, books, ebooks, etc., and sell them for cash.

You can also receive royalties on the books you have written while you are on a full time job.

Nowadays you can even sell your books yourself on the Internet, thanks to ebook publishing and programs like Amazon’s Kindle.

There are people making a fortune just writing and selling such ebooks online. You absolutely can be one of such people.<

4 – Invest in Real Estate

Real estate is a money spinner for most people. On the side, you can become an agent and earn good commission after guiding buyers to a house or asset.

You can put your savings in any commercial real estate agency business to earn more.

A website like Realty Mogul comes handy for you to register and invest in commercial real estate and make more money.

What’s important is to spend some time to learn how to make a success out of this. Most of the richest people in the world make a lot of their money from Real Estate but they all started small.

You can also start small and eventually build a fortune for yourself in Real Estate.