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10 Sex Move You’ve Never Heard Of

Even for the most sexually adventurous partners, there are some moves out there that have gone unexplored.

In this post, you will learn about 10 crazy sex moves that you’ve likely never heard of before.

1. The Wheel Of Fortune

For this sex move, one of you will need to sit in a chair and stick out your tongue. The chair should probably be an office chair or some other small chair that is meant for spinning. The other should put their sexy bits in the area where the other’s tongue would land. Spin the chair fast and get a taste of fortune.

2. Dog In A Bathtub

This sex move is a whimsically-named twist on traditional doggy style. In doggy style, the receiving partner is on all fours on their hands and knees. In this version of doggy style, the male will stick their balls into the butthole of their partner. It’s named this because it is hard to keep a dog in a bathtub.

3. The Ice Cream Stand

In this move, you will need your favorite flavor of ice cream and a cold-loving crotch. One partner puts ice cream in their crotch and does a headstand while the other enjoys a sweet treat!

4. The Rodeo

In this questionable sex move, which should only be done between partners with a sense of humor, you should be in doggy style. The partner who is giving should wrap their right arm around to the left of the receiver’s chest and whisper something mean in their ear to make them bucking mad! See how long you can last…eh…in the rodeo.

5. The Rusty Trombone

This sex move is much like playing a trombone and should be performed on a male. The male should stand with his legs parallel to his shoulders and with his knees bent so that his anus is showing. The partner would then stroke the penis, moving it up and down while they perform anilingus.

6. The Werewolf

Before you make whoopie, shave your gentiles and then have sex. Pull out as soon as you’re almost done and squirt the ejaculate onto your partner’s face. Throw the pube clippings onto the ejaculate and you’ve got one hairy situation.

7. The Teeter-totter

This is your favorite playground activity for adults. This threesome move requires one person to lay down flat on a surface or bed while one mounts in the traditional sense and the other sits on the person’s face. You might also know this as the see-saw.

8. The Ambushed Paddington

Almost every girl and some others have a precious little teddy bear laying on their bed or in their room somewhere. You may want to make sure it isn’t a family heirloom before you do this. For this sex act, you have sex with your partner as normal. Before ejaculating, pull out and ambush her pretty little teddy with your cum instead.

9. The 72

You will need your math skills for this one! Everyone know that a 69 is when two partners use their mouths to sexually pleasure one another at the same time. However, in this sex act, each partner would also add three fingers into the mix, either in the booty or in the vagina!

10. The 40 And Plum

You’ll love this sex move if you’re particularly interested in puns. For this move, drive your partner 40 miles away from home and far or “plum” off of the main road to have sex. This is a great move to pull if you’re looking for something adventurous.

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