10 Popular Japanese Snacks You Must Try Today

Food takes a special place in Japanese culture. It’s much more than just the stuff that gives us energy and nutrients. And, that’s why, the Japanese cuisine is very unique. There are some snacks made in Japan that you can’t find anywhere else.

Luckily, with the invention of the internet the world has become a smaller place. Instead of traveling all the way to Japan, you can shop online to get ahold of delicious Japanese snacks. Many Asian snacks are being sold on Amazon, where you can find literally thousands of different snack foods.

Some of those snacks could seem weird at first. For example, for a westerner, a combo of fish and candy does not seem mouth-watering. But in Japan you can buy a sushi Kit-Kat. You heard that right. To spare you the trouble of going through a huge number of offers, we’ve listed 10 popular Japanese snacks you can buy online easily.

These snacks are great for those who’s new to Japanese food. They may look be a bit strange and foreign, but their taste won’t disappoint you. In fact, we’re sure you’re going to love them if you try.

1. Mochi

popular Japanese snacks Mochi

You’ve probably heard of Mochi. It’s a very popular dessert. They are often being sold in regular grocery stores in the US. You may even find served in Japanese and Asian Fusion restaurants too. People love Mochi because of its unique taste and jelly-like texture. It’s basically rice dumplings filled with a paste made of sweet beans.

2. Arare

asian snacks

The US bars and pubs may serve you peanuts with beer. But, in Japan, they prefer Arare. The main ingredients of the snack are rice and soy sauce, which make it pretty savory. If you’re going to order it on Amazon, our advice is to order a large amount. Once you start munching on these snacks, you just can’t stop.

3. Senbei


Similarly to Arare, Senbei crackers are also made of rice. What makes them different (and perhaps superior to Arare) is that they’re available in hundreds of different flavors. This is a great opportunity for you to go on a culinary adventure by trying flavor combinations you’ve never dreamt of.

4. Kaki No Tane

popular Janapese snacks Kaki No Tane

Here’s another type of rice crackers that are commonly eaten as bar snacks. As you’ve probably noticed by now, Japanese love crackers. These as equally addictive as Arare, the only difference being that Kaki No Tane crackers are spicier. If you love spicy food, you’ll enjoy Kaki No Tane.

5. Kinoko No Yama

Kinoko No Yama snack

Even though the name of this sweet translates to “mushroom mountain”, Kinoko No Yama has nothing to do with mushrooms. At least not when it comes to the ingredients. But, the appearance does slightly resemble a mushroom. Enough about the appearance. What really makes Kinoko No Yama popular in Japan is its taste. It doesn’t really matter which flavor you pick – strawberry, cream, chocolate – they all taste delicious! And crunchy.

6. Pretz

asian snack food

If you love stick snacks found in your local markets, but you find them a little bit boring, Pretz is the snack you will definitely remember. These snacks are available in all sorts of flavors, which change all the time. Right now, you can shop for flavors like pizza, tomato, cheese, while in the past, Pretz was available in some pretty unconventional flavors as well, e.g. Larb salad.

7. Pocky

yummy pocky

If you’re new to Japanese cuisine, you may not want to experiment with unusual snacks such as Larb salad Pretz. And it’s ok. Instead, you could start off your Japanese snack adventure with something more conventional. If that is the case, Pocky cookie sticks might be your best choice. They are available in a variety of flavors. Pick any and give it a try.

8. Jagarico

japanese snack from potato

It’s obvious that Japanese are crazy about stick and cracker snacks. But if you think all of those were rice-based, you are wrong. Jagarico is a rare one that’s made of potato.

9. Umaibo

Umaibo japanese candy

The name of the snack translates to English as “delicious stick”. We say, well done for choosing an appropriate name, because these corn puffs do taste yummy. And their packing always make you smile.

10. Japanese Kit-Kat

Japanese Kit-Kat matcha

Kit-Kat is not new and popular around the world. But Kit-Kat made in Japan comes with flavors you couldn’t have thought of in your wildest imagination. How does a ginger ale Kit-Kat sound? Or Watermelon Kit-Kat? Still not extreme enough for you? What about sushi-flavored Kit-Kat? Or if you’re going to push yourself to the limit, why not try the one flavored with Wasabi?